Demon girl

Amelia Astelle is sister of Sven Astelle. She was killed by Sven a few weeks after her birth. She became a spirit, and was trained by Fedallah. She later betrayed Fedallah, and stole the holy amulet that kept the wraith, an incredibly powerful soulsucker that would aid her in taking over the entire dimension. The Wraith killed five people including Sven, and trapped Sven in a bottle, saying that he would be a tasty soul for a rainy day. They were both eventually trapped in the same amulet by Anastasia Tesla, who freed them many years later. Amelia stole Sven's soul from the Wraith, as it gave her more power. After coming to the relization that she could never love, she tore apart Sven's soul, destroying it forever. The Wraith was furious with Amelia, and tried to trap her in a bottle. The Wraith was defied by Leon Drekknor and Kurai. It was trapped inside Kurai's soul forever, freeing every soul that it had ever devoured. Leon Drekknor gave up his soul to give Jesse Saunders ascension, and Amelia the ability to love.

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