Goryn is the son of death, and self proclaimed ruler of skeletal beings. He became widely known for the conquering of dimensions, until he was finally banished, along with his entire army, to a dimension where they could never escape, dimension #4332 When Anastasia and Tesla jumped through a hole in time in space to get away from Drekknor, they ended up in dimension #4332.

Anastasia freed Goryn and his army by sheer accident.

Powers and WeaknessesEdit

Goryn can fly with his wings. He carries a scythe that was given to him as a gift by his father. The scythe doesn't hold the power of death like his father's, but it still works for killing people. He has a skeletal army to fight for him.

Goryn and his skeletal army burn in direct sunlight, so they only attack at night. Their powers are weaker the closer they are to holy ground (such as a church), and strengthen when they are near a graveyard. Goryn, being a demon, can be trapped along with his entire army into a single holy amulet. Goryn can be banished with complicated rituals, and is severly weakened for a solid amount of time if he makes contact with holy water.

Goryn's ArmyEdit

Skeleton army