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This is a wiki created for the MC Forums' RP called Guardian: Rise of Evil. This wiki will contain more detailed information about characters, organizations, lore, ect. If you take part in this RP, please post here to help build the wiki.

The Start of The Story: Rise of EvilEdit

The story of Guardian starts with its first chapter, Rise of Evil. 

Over 10,000 Years Ago... Somewhere in space, an ancient and long war waged for centuries between The High Council and their army and the Grand Rebellion. The war was coming to a close end and the Rebellion was falling apart and about to lose. The leader of the Rebellion issued launch of a new prototype weapon named WAR. He was an ancient warrior from long ago who had the power to essentially steal life. They had unleashed him when the planet began exploding. They quickly told him where he was and that he didn't have much time, so they put him into an escape pod and shot him out. He saw the planet exploding and floated for a bit though space, not knowing how to work the pod. He eventually crashed onto a comet passing by and him and his pod froze into a crystal. That was the last seen of War.

Yesterday... The comet War was on passed by E-Arth, a planet similar to Earth with at least 15% of it's population being mutated in some way, whether it's super strength or flying or the ability to smell emergencies, and astronomers everywhere watched its glory. Several astronomers saw a small piece break off and land somewhere. A small crew set out for it and saw that what broke off was a "crystal". After a day of setting up a base camp around it, a scientist went up to it to take a sample. He saw inside of the crystal was an alien. They decided to excavate it and get it out. They got it out and it woke up. It was kept in a research facility for a couple days until it broke out and left the scientists shriveled corpses. A group known as A.R.C. sent a local broadcast to New Port City, the city nearest the facility, and a couple surrounding cities and towns to any mutants to come help deal with the alien.

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