Serpent amulet

The Holy Amulet

A holy amulet is a powerful trap for demonic and evil beings. It can trap even death's son, Goryn. A holy amulet can be created by a special ritual.

The ritualEdit

You must draw a pentagon with chalk on any surface. Cover the area inside the pentagon with ground up peppers and the leaves from an oak tree. Stand in the middle with a pure gold necklace. And pray to god togive you the amulet.

If performed succesfully, you will have your amulet attached to the necklace. Throw it at the demon to capture it inside. Only a powerful amount of energy can destroy the holy amulet and free the confined being.

Relationship to the roleplayEdit

The wraith was trapped in a holy amulet by Amelia's mentor, who was killed by her. Amelia freed the wraith, but both her and the wraith were trapped in a holy amulet by Anastasia.